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Thank you for visiting Awaken Thee. Whatever your spiritual alignment we are sure you will find what you are looking for in our store. We favour products that promote self-care and allow you time to slow down and reflect. At Awaken Thee you can find waist beads, hand poured candles, crystals for sale, incense, oil burners, sound bowls, and smudge sticks. Awaken Thee also has an in-house jewellery maker who creates unique, beautiful, custom-made pieces for our customers. Everyone is welcome to have a browse through our store, and find the item to Awaken Thee.





Our mission

Our aim is to meet your holistic needs by enabling you to buy items that help healing and self-care. All our items are natural and hand-made, and this is important to us, as it gives the item a sense of the creator's love and intent, which you can feel if you tune into its frequency. Whichever sense you wish to indulge, sight, smell, hearing or touch, we have what you are looking for at Awaken Thee.

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Unique crystals for sale

Each crystal we sell has its own property, and is intended to bring certain energy and power to someone who holds it, or comes near its vicinity. We sell both raw crystals, beautiful and untouched by machinery after they are extracted from the ground, and tumble stones, which are crystals that have been polished and feel smooth and round and good to hold. Find crystals for sale here in our online store.




Waist beads

Waist beads are a body-positive accessory, which is worn around the hips. They are traditionally worn by women in West Africa, as a symbol of fertility, womanhood, and spiritual wellbeing. They are made to be worn by women of all shapes, sizes, and races, and wearing them is considered a personal appreciation and pride for your own shape and beauty. Come and view one of the very few UK online stores selling waist beads right here.

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Home and wellbeing

Here at Awaken Thee, we have a wide range of ornaments and accessories that can really make a house a home. Many of our ornaments are from around the world, inspiring memories and dreams in guests, visitors, and family members alike.

Incense is very good for setting an ambience. Smell is one of the most underrated senses, when combined with aromatic oils the scent aids meditative practice and relaxation and it sets the mood for the day. Our scented candles and incense can bring either a sense of tranquillity or energy to a place, as you desire. Above all, these quality products will make your home smell nice. We also sell smudge sticks, used for cleansing and healing rituals, and to instil peace and tranquillity to a home or workplace.




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About Awaken Thee

I am a Human Design and Astrology specialist. (Human design is a logical system that brings together principles of The I-Ching, astrology, kabbalah, Hindu-Brahmin chakra system and quantum physics).

Awaken Thee is a home-grown family business. We started off as a side-hustle from my kitchen in 2019. I would make homemade holistic bath salts, massage oils and whipped body butters, and sell them to my family, friends and colleagues, which was a huge success!

That's when we decided to expand, and we now provide quality products and supplies for holistic shoppers everywhere.

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The perfect crystal for your needs is waiting for you here. If you want to see our crystals for sale, or shop for scented candles, or find amazing waist beads, visit our online store here.

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