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A symbol of womanhood and positivity

Waist beads have been worn by women in different civilisations throughout history, but they are especially associated with West African culture, where they symbolise fertility, womanhood, and femininity. Some waist beads are thought to keep the waist small over time, while others were crafted as a means of measurement, charting the growth of its wearer into womanhood. Awaken Thee are one of the few stockists of waist beads in the UK, enabling you to celebrate your beauty in the same way.

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String waist beads

These waist beads have very little give in them, and are designed to break or roll up the waist as the wearer grows with age.

Elastic waist beads

These waist beads are more comfortable and elastic, and will fit snugly around the waist at almost any size.

Wire waist beads

These are the strongest waist bead garments, and we recommend re-sizing or replacing them if they become too loose or tight.




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You can contact us via the previous form, to request custom waist beads, with the gemstones and fit that you desire.

Most waist beads are crafted to be worn semi-permanently, to be adjusted when they become too tight or loose. With care you can make your waist beads last many years, and we recommend you remove them for swimming and strenuous athletic activity. They are meant to eventually ‘pop’ due to wear and stress, and many people believe this grants you a wish.



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