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Here at Awaken Thee, you can find a stunning selection of fragrant incense, smudge sticks and candles, which will help bring your home to life. Having a pleasant smelling home is like receiving a warm welcome after a hard day. It helps set your mood and energy levels and brings warmth and love to any room. Much of our incense, smudge sticks and candles is crafted with spiritual intent and mindfulness, to bring about positive energy, protection or healing to your home. Find the perfect item for your home and wellbeing here in our store.




We sell a wide variety of fragrant incense, which will help set the tone to your day and add an ambience of love and peace to any home.

Smudge sticks

You can find sage smudge sticks, traditionally used for cleansing and healing rituals around the home, and to protect you from negative energy.

Candles & candle holders

Awaken Thee has scented and aromatic candles, which will help make your home feel welcoming and full of positive energy.


Oil burners

Shop for an ornate and beautiful oil burner, which helps distribute essential oils and fragrance throughout your home.

Sound bowls

These beautiful, shaped bowls are used for sound therapy, Reiki, and help with meditation. Their frequency helps you tap into the energy of the universe.


We stock a wide range of beautiful, evocative ornaments from around the world, reminding the owner of wonderful places, and educing treasured memories.




A wide range of incense, smudge sticks and candles

You can complement your ideal space for healing, relaxation and tranquillity with our incense, smudge sticks and candles. The combination of these things enhances good vibes, peace and recuperation. Find the right fragrance for your home right here at Awaken Thee.

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