Blue Storm Agate

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Blue Storm Agate - Polished Tumblestone Healing Crystal

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Weight The size and shape your receive may differ slightly from the image shown. Each stone weighs approximately 10-20g. Sold individually.
Blue Storm tumblestone which comes from South Africa and is a mix of chalcedony and agate is closely related to Blue Lace Agate however it has fewer white bands. Blue storm is the initiation of fire, the lightening path, the arrival of the thunder beings who bring the final transformation. It helps you get to the root of an issue much quicker and then brings in calming energy. This crystal is for freedom. It can help our inner attunement and deepen our focus. It helps us find our right path/destiny and remain on it. It has been called the Stone of Peace and Healing helping to calm and relieve stress. Works well with Throat Chakra.

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